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Month: October 2015

Making records meaningful

tn_jigsawmotifcrop3 The Find & Connect web resource team gave a presentation this week as part of the University of Melbourne’s Researcher @ Library Week. One of the things that we like to do when we’re presenting is to start with the ‘consumer voice’ – that is, to open proceedings with a perspective from someone with lived experience of being in a children’s institution.
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Not just paper: the importance of ‘non-traditional’ records

Mural at Magill Training Centre (2012) Back in March 2014, when we used to publish a regular Find & Connect newsletter, our former Lead Archivist, Mike Jones, wrote a piece about the importance of ‘non-traditional’ records. Mike wrote: we must be aware that we have a collective responsibility to locate, preserve and provide access to more than just paper.
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Filling in the blanks…

Red Cross Poster Finding information about a childhood spent in institutional ‘care’ is not easy. Even when records are found and released, decisions affecting individual lives may not be clearly explained in case files.
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