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Family Storytelling

Sally Sara's story includes excerpts from files at State Records of South Australia. We all know how beneficial reading to children is. Studies also tell us that family storytelling – reminiscences about our own childhood, family stories going back through the generations – is linked to a range of benefits, beyond literacy and communication skills.
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Promoting the Principles

tn_Guidelines-cover Wattle Place hosts a regular interagency meeting of services in the Sydney area who hold care records. At one of our recent meetings we invited Barbara Reed of Recordkeeping Innovation to speak about her work with the Department of Social Services and the creation of the Access to Records by Forgotten Australians and Former Child Migrants
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Stacks of stats (about Find & Connect web resource)

FindandConnect-web-resource-Jan-May2016_GoogleStats Usage of the web resource continues to grow, with stats gathered from Google analytics showing a steady increase in page views and visitors over the period from 1 Jan – 30 May. This is remarkable given that in the last 6 months of last year our stats were showing a downward trend.
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Federal Election 2016

National-Redress Although we’re hearing a lot about the economy, asylum seekers, “jobs & growth”, climate change, negative gearing, health and education during this looooong federal election campaign, it is heartening to see that out-of-home care and supporting young people leaving care are emerging as issues.
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Happy International Archives Day

Compactus-Cake Today is International Archives Day, a day to acknowledge and promote the work of archivists and archives. You might not know that the Find & Connect web resource relies heavily on archivists and the records held within archives to create the website you see today.
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“The Stolen Generations never stopped”

tn_Sorry-Stolen-Generations In 2008, then Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd delivered an apology to the Stolen Generations. Many thought that this would be a momentous step toward reconciliation and a fresh start for Aboriginal Australians.
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Happy 100th Clanicle!

FACP-tn_IMG_6011 May 2016 saw the publication of the 100th edition of the Clanicle, the newsletter of Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN). This significant milestone in CLAN’s history made me reflect on how much has changed since we first met clannies Leonie Sheedy and Frank Golding back in 2009, and how much they and other clannies have affected our world view and changed our lives for the better.
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Emotional labour in the archives

tn_jigsawmotifcrop3 The wonderful world of Twitter makes it possible to follow what’s happening at various conferences and events around the world, for those of us who can’t travel. The Association of Canadian Archivists has just had its annual conference, this year in Montreal, and following the #ACA2016 tweets has been fascinating.
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The next Find & Connect?

tn_ForgottenChildrenReport The past few years have seen massive public attention relating to children in immigration detention whether on the Australian mainland or offshore in places like Nauru. While it would be folly to argue the plight of Forgotten Australians, ‘Care’ Leavers and Former Child Migrants is identical to that of children who are in or have experienced immigration detention there are some disturbing similarities.
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A real bad egg

tn_jigsawmotifcrop3 “He is a bad egg. His history of offences and reoffences is too long to list. We’re talking graffiti-ing. Littering. Smashing stuff. Burning stuff. Breaking stuff. Stealing stuff. Throwing rocks. Running away … and that’s just the stuff we know about …” This is a description of Ricky Baker, the hero of the (now showing) NZ comedy film Hunt for the Wilderpeople.
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