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RAD2 Grants: the first 10 projects

Late last year, 17 organisations were successful in their application for funding under the Records Access Documentation (RAD2) Grants, which were administered by Find & Connect.

These organisations have spent the last 6 months making their records more accessible to Care Leavers, and have provided information on those records for the Find and Connect site.

We’re busy adding all this new information to the site, and it’s been wonderful to see the huge improvements these organisations have made in making records more accessible to Care Leavers.

“Since digitising a selection of The Infants’ Home records with funding via the RAD2 grant program, two recent records searches have been expedited by at least 500% by the newly digitised and indexed material….

 This requestor received their information 11 days after their application had been received. Before the RAD2 grant, this search would have taken at least 4 weeks to co-ordinate.” The Infants’ Home

“Turnaround time for email / letter enquiries has improved to a greater extent than anticipated: reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1-2 weeks (approx. 30% improvement) with greater accuracy and a much improved capability to provide copies from the original register books upon request” Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand

“Additional records for the relevant period were identified as part of the project and these records are now reviewed when requests are received. This would not have previously occurred as their existence was not known.

 The information provided for inclusion on the Find and Connect website will increase the level of detail available to care leavers and, we hope, encourage more Care Leavers to contact us if they seek records relating to their time in care.” UnitingCare Queensland

While we’re still working on making everything available, we’ve been able to crunch the numbers for roughly half the organisations that completed RAD2 Grant projects, which shows just how much they’ve managed to achieve in the brief six-month funding period.

Congratulations to all those who have achieved so much in completing these projects.


  1. This is a wonderful initiative to help us get our records, thank you to the staff at Find and Connect.

  2. This is very positive news. Care Leavers will appreciate the greater speed of finding their records, and the greater likelihood of being able to locate records that might have been hard to locate. It’s encouraging to know that even a small grant of extra funding can have a significant impact.

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