Unidentified photos are an ongoing challenge for the Find & Connect website. Typically, the main issue is when no date or time period is specified for an image. The Find & Connect team are always looking to improve the information provided on the site and if you can help identify a more specific date range for any photos on the site, please get in touch.

If the source location for the image (e.g. the library or the archive) have not identified the date or time period the photo is thought to be from, a judgement is made and a ‘best guess’ time period included on the site. To make it clear across the site when a ‘best guess’ date has been added you will see the phrase ‘This photo is undated, the date included is an estimate.’

A range of information and other sources are used to help date the photo, these include: other photos of the same building or object,  the clothing any people in the photo are wearing, the types of cars if visible, who the photographer was, and the type of image it is, e.g. whether it is black and white or a slide. Sometimes the date range can still be very broad!

Below are some examples of photos that we are looking to refine the dates for. If you are able to help provide further information for any image on the site or those below please send a feedback email or write a comment and a member of the Find & Connect team will work with you to update the site.

Mt Maria at Mitchelton, operated by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd. Current ‘best guess’ date is 1970?  See the full entry here: https://findandconnect.gov.au/ref/qld/objects/QD0000294.htm.

Test Site [St Joseph’s Home, Neerkol]. Current ‘best guess’ date range is 1910? – 1930?  See the full entry here: https://findandconnect.gov.au/ref/qld/objects/QD0000281.htm.

Early days … Queen Elizabeth II Family Centre. Current ‘best guess’ date range is 1963? – 1970? See the full entry here: https://www.findandconnect.gov.au/ref/act/objects/AD0000036.htm.

[Scone Farm School]. Current ‘best guess’ date range is c. 1959 – c. 1982. See the full entry here: https://findandconnect.gov.au/ref/nsw/objects/ND0000781.htm