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Victorian Stolen Generations Reparations Design Consultation

Guest Post: Rhyll Tonge, Project Lead, Stolen Generations Reparations Steering Committee Secretariat

In 1997 the Bringing Them Home Report recommended, among other things, Reparations for Stolen Generations. After years of advocacy by Victorian Stolen Generations and organisations supporting Stolen Generations the Victorian Government announced the Victorian Stolen Generations Reparations in March 2020. Stolen Generations Reparations aims to make amends for the pain and suffering that Victorian Stolen Generations may experience due to separation from family, community, culture, and country.

So that the development of Reparations can be informed by Victorian Stolen Generations, the Stolen Generations Reparations Steering Committee was established in December 2020 to provide recommendations and oversight on the design of Reparations.

The Steering Committee is made up of nine Stolen Generations people and descendants and four representatives from organisations working closely with Stolen Generations; Connecting Home Ltd, Link-Up Victoria, KHT-Koorie Family History Service, Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service.

The Steering Committee will be running yarning sessions in March and April 2021 across Victoria and online to ensure that all Victorian Stolen Generations are able to have a say on the design of Reparations.

Once the yarning sessions are complete the Steering Committee will compile a report of recommendations that best reflects the views of Victorian Stolen Generations on what a Reparations package should look like to ensure healing and growth for Stolen Generations and families. The report will go to Victorian Government to assist with the design and commencement of Stolen Generations Reparations.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 1800 747 732

Text Option: 0438 157 068




  1. Bringing Them Home has not lived up to the expectations of NT SG. As the NT came under the Commonwealth until Self-Goverrnment removing us from our families was policy of the day. Unlike other states who have taken on BTH recommendations on reparation the Commonwealth refuses too hiding under the laws of the day ie Kruguer v Commonwealth followed by Gunner & Cubillo v Commonwealth where the law said it was legal to remove kids. Congratulations to Daniels Government for following the other states. Question: should SG kids removed from the NT and sent to Victoria either into Institutions or care be considered under this Reparation Scheme?

  2. Great news! Best of luck that the outcomes are what you need and deserve.

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