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Film: Starting & Ending Life in an Institution

This film features people who experienced abuse in care as children navigating their way around aged care.

From our previous work in this area, we know that re-institutionalising people who spent time in care as children can cause intense fear and trauma. In this film, we hear directly from them about facing the loneliness, loss of autonomy, and abuse that defined their childhood, and their fear it will also define their end of life.

Please be aware that this film may cause sadness or distress, or trigger traumatic memories for people, particularly survivors of past abuse, violence or childhood trauma.

You can watch the film here:

If you were in care before 1990 this film raise issues for you, there‚Äôs a Find & Connect service in every state and territory that you can call or email here:


  1. Without my reading or seeing the film triggers what you comments say..I am going through it now after coping with it all my life.
    Now that I am inmy late eighties It has all comeback on me. To cope and understand where the help can comes from sad to say very little as A child i was cared for as an adult very little help available with my hearing loss .
    Makes it all doubly worse . I’m sure I am not alone,with these feelings coping on my own.

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