Review and Updates to NSW

A significant part of the website redesign we’re currently undertaking is a comprehensive review of the content on the site. The information on the site was originally researched and published more than a decade ago, and a lot has changed since then – more than you might expect with historical information.

Over time, records that have been inaccessible became accessible, people with lived experience in institutional care provided important context and practical knowledge, books were written and studies done. There have also been changes in the way information is provided – language has changed, and there is a great deal more knowledge around how the presentation of difficult information can impact on people. We’re working on incorporating that knowledge into the information we provide on the site.

We’ve published additional information about homes and institutions in NSW as a result of the first stage of this review, which we are undertaking state by state. You have already seen some of the photos that we’ve found. A major consolidation of information anchored by new records becoming available through the Museums of History NSW (formerly State Archives NSW), and our work with language and presenting information now means that information about these records will be much easier to find on Find & Connect.

The following information that is new, or new to us has been published:

Anglewood/Burradoo Truant School records
Case files 1959-1974
Admission Register 1943-1970
Punishment Register 1943-1970

Bidura records
Case files 1965-1974
Admission and Discharge Registers 1975-1977
Weekly Reports 1971-1975

Brush Farm Home records
Admission and Discharge registers 1922-1987
Immunization Records 1968-1984
Medical Officer’s Journals 1969-1989

Female Orphan School records
Admission records 1817-1886
Medical Reports 1830-1833
Management committee minutes 1818-1824

Hay Institution for Girls
Admission and Discharge registers 1961-1974

Thornbury Lodge records
Admission and Discharge records 1970-1979
Medical records 1958-1972
Children’s court welfare cards 1962-1967
Report Books 1971-1979
Visitors Book 1978-1979

Thornbury Lodge 1958

Institution for Boys, Tamworth and Endeavour House records
Admission and Discharge registers 1948-1988
Lists and Indexes of Residents 1948-1989
Committal records 1985-1989
Punishment records 1966-1989
Medical records 1973-1988
Daily reports 1975-1989

Liverpool Asylum records
Admission and Discharge Registers 1859-1959
Medical registers 1893-1925
Surgeon’s weekly reports 1877-1906
Daily reports 1859-1883

Male Orphan School records
Admission records 1819-1850
Discharge applications 1825-1833
Apprenticeship records 1822-1833

May Villa Records
Admission and Discharge registers 1933-1979
Punishment register 1942-1976
Medical Register 1949-1980
Index to wards 1982-1983

Metropolitan Girls’ Shelter records
Admission and Discharge records 1968-1979
Medical history cards 1972-1976

Minda records
Case files 1978-1984
Admission and Discharge registers 1966-1976
Punishment register 1966-1972
Visitors’ Books 1966-1975
Child’s property registers 1966-1976
Court diaries 1966-1976
Medical records 1966-1976

Protestant Orphan School records
Admission Register 1886-1950
Letters sent and recieved by management 1850-1970

Rabbit, Peat, and Milson Island records
Admission and Discharge registers 1911-1970
Medical Journals 1911-1935
Correspondence files 1910-1980

Riverina Welfare Farm for Boys, Yanco
Doctor’s Book 1928-1942
Dentist’s Book 1929-1942
Visitor’s Book 1937-1942

Royleston records
Admission and Discharge registers 1966-1984
Punishment books 1940-1969
Visitor’s Book 19667-1983
Medical and dental records 1949-1984
Photographs 1960s
Court Cards 1963-1965

Royleston 1967

Stockton Hospital
Admission and Discharge 1910-1956 records

Winbin records
Admission and Discharge registers 1954-78
Medical records 1954-1976

We’ve also identified case files about children who spent time in juvenile justice institutions, including:

Daruk (1978-984)

Metropolitan Boys’ Shelter (1963-1973)

Ormond Regional Youth Centre (1979-1985)

Worimi Detention Centre (1979-1982)

Werrington Park (1977-1981)

Cobham Youth Centre (1978-1985)

Yawarra Training School (1969-1981)

Mount Penang Training School (1946-1950) 

Records that have been consolidated, making it easier to find information on them include:
Records of the Girls’ Industrial and Training Schools, including Paramatta, Kamballa, Newcastle, and Biloela, and
Departmental Records relating to State Wards

If you were in care before 1990 and this brings up any issues for you, there’s a Find & Connect service in every state and territory that you can call or email: