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Child Endowment records in Canberra

This blog post is to share some good news about newly-available records at the National Archives of Australia (NAA) in Canberra. The records relate to the payment of child endowment to children’s institutions by the Commonwealth government.
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Implementing a Care Model at the University of Melbourne Archives

In 2017, the University of Melbourne Archives (UMA) undertook a comprehensive program to improve access to records related to Care Leavers. This is how those records became more accessible.
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Trauma Informed Practice

Archivists and radical empathy. What happens when the Care Leaver is at the centre of records access.
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Governance, memory, and heritage

Good recordkeeping and access regimes help hold governments and organisations to account, improve transparency and accountability, and enable justice.
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Archives are not Neutral

Creating neutral archives is an impossible task, given our cultural influences and the way those influences, structures and beliefs change over time
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Convenient Fires & Floods

In our first ever podcast, we cover convenient fires and floods, often held responsible for missing Care Leaver records. But are natural disasters to blame for records not being where they should be?
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A moment from the International Conference on the History of Records and Archives

Tweets reporting back from the 8th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, held at Monash University, May 28-30, 2018
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Site Survey

If you’re already here, spend a couple of minutes on our site improvement survey so we can make it even better when you come back
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Your records: What to expect

What to expect when accessing records about yourself
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Consultation – Understanding Child Welfare Records

Have you encountered terms, acronyms or abbreviations on child welfare records that have left you scratching your head? Are we missing some on the site? Help us build a guide to cut through the confusion around reading records.
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