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Reblog – Holidays out of Home

This blog post provides a taste of what Christmas and the summer holidays were like for children who lived out of home.

Listen: Women Speak about Forced Adoption

Hear from the women who experienced their babies being taken from them to be adopted to married couples

Finding Family

People who were in care as children were often separated from their siblings & may not have known their parents. It’s possible they may be found.

Holidays out of Home

For children in care, summer came with the opportunity of a holiday.

Read all about it: Advertising for adoption

A 1966 video advertises the benefits of fostering a child in care, following a long history of advertising children.

Without Consent

Adoption record
The Without Consent exhibition, documenting the practice of Forced Adoption in Australia, enters its final months.


usabilitytestingiconFinding information & records about forced adoption
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