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A moment from the International Conference on the History of Records and Archives

Tweets reporting back from the 8th International Conference on the History of Records and Archives, held at Monash University, May 28-30, 2018
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From Lofty Pedestal to Courtroom Dock

Now Pell has been committed to trial, how does the Care Leaver community view what the future may bring? Guest Post by Frank Golding
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Locked Away – Children in the Insane Asylum

By the 1960s, the Queensland Government was using Wolston Park adult mental health facility to house children who were wards of the state.
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Broken links, broken trust

404 In October 2016 in Parramatta, the Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) held its annual conference. This year the theme was: Forging Links – People, Systems, Archives. My conference presentation on 20 October used the Find & Connect web resource as a case study, and explored an issue that is close to my heart and critical to Find & Connect: broken links.
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Civil Litigation

tn_jigsawmotifcrop3 The Senate report, Betrayal of Trust and the Royal Commission have all made recommendations about the need to provide external oversight to ensure that claims made against institutions, via civil litigation for abuse, are transparent and non‐adversarial.
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Broken links – so much more than frustration

404Error Are they trying to hide something? I’ve been led astray! (Participant, Find & Connect Usability testing, 2012) Broken links are all over the internet, but what few people realise is the powerful, negative, even traumatising effect they can have on vulnerable people. Fixing them is part of my job, and something that takes (quite a lot of) time.
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Happy 100th Clanicle!

FACP-tn_IMG_6011 May 2016 saw the publication of the 100th edition of the Clanicle, the newsletter of Care Leavers Australasia Network (CLAN). This significant milestone in CLAN’s history made me reflect on how much has changed since we first met clannies Leonie Sheedy and Frank Golding back in 2009, and how much they and other clannies have affected our world view and changed our lives for the better.
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