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Records from Victorian institutions newly available

The records are called ‘Voluntary Children’s Homes Files’ and they document interactions between the Victorian state government and various institutions run by charitable or church organisations
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Better Together – Keeping Find & Connect Updated With the Help of Care Leavers

Find & Connect is such a comprehensive resource because of the generosity and work of former residents of Homes & institutions. Here are some things we’ve done with their help
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Reporting back from the Canada Archivists Conference

There are clear parallels between the Canadian and Australian archival professions in terms of Indigenous representation – but on a broader level, this session made it clear how important it is for people with the lived experience and knowledge to have appropriate access to relevant archives
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Care Leavers in the news

It’s been a busy few weeks in the news for people who spent their childhood in “care”. Today’s post finishes the trilogy of media relating to Care Leavers, with Care Leavers in the news.
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Hearing the Past in the Present – online exhibitions, oral histories, radio/podcasts and theatre

Following on from our last post, here’s a list of podcasts, interviews & exhibitions focused on Australia’s history of out-of-home care.
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Watching the Past in the Present – films, tv & documentaries

Up late? Here’s a list of stories & memories of Forgotten Australians, Former Child Migrants, & members of the Stolen Generations represented in film.
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National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, Canada

The NCTR was first conceived as part of the Indian Residential Schools Agreement 2007. This Agreement created both the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada (TRC), and, to ensure this history was not forgotten once the TRC finished, the NCTR as a permanent place to house the materials from the TRC and be a place for ongoing truth and reconciliation work
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Trauma Informed Practice

Archivists and radical empathy. What happens when the Care Leaver is at the centre of records access.
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Industrial Memories, Ireland

Accessing the information in the Ryan Report, Ireland’s Commission into child abuse
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Governance, memory, and heritage

Good recordkeeping and access regimes help hold governments and organisations to account, improve transparency and accountability, and enable justice.
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