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Real Care the Second Time Around

The Real Care the Second Time Around Project is addressing the needs of people who were in care as children as they enter aged care

The South Australian Apology – eight years on…

tn_Memorial Eight years ago on 17 June 2008 the Premier of South Australia the Hon M.D. Rann moved a motion in Parliament for an apology to the South Australian child victims of abuse while in State Care. Two years later four giant steel daisies bloomed in Peace Park, Adelaide with the unveiling of a Memorial honouring these children.
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Family Storytelling

Sally Sara's story includes excerpts from files at State Records of South Australia. We all know how beneficial reading to children is. Studies also tell us that family storytelling – reminiscences about our own childhood, family stories going back through the generations – is linked to a range of benefits, beyond literacy and communication skills.
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Responding to the film ‘Once my mother’

tn_sophia Once My Mother is a film by Sophia Turkiewicz from 2014. In the film, Sophia explores her troubled relationship with her mother, Helen. Sophia spent ‘two bewildering years’ at an orphanage in Adelaide until Helen was able to bring Sophie to a new home, with her new husband. In this film, Sophia looks back on her childhood and tries to learn more about Helen’s life, while her mother battles dementia.
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Memorial to children who died in State Care

tn_memorial_june2015_Page_1Next month, on 17 June 2015, a memorial to children who died in state care in South Australia will be unveiled at the West Terrace Cemetery in Adelaide.
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